Smartwatch FW55 Aurum PRO

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Stylish smartwatch

that cares about your relations

Light and neat smartwatch | 1,7” rounded HD screen and answering calls | multisport mode | health monitor

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Focus on quality

1,7” screen of HD quality

Precisely crafted smartwatch, connecting borderless touchscreen with a classic button. Distinguished by practical design, thought out in every detail.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Rounded, 1,7" display in 240*280 resolution ensures readable graphics, saturated colors and a stylish look. Browsing content is convinient, and using health or sport functions is all pleasure.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Be smart, discover more…

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

and shine like a star!

Borderless, curved 3D glass built in a rectangulos case in cooperation with a stylish strap will make no one pass you by indifferently. During walk, gym training or official meetings. Additional bracelet will let you create an elegant, jewelry version of smartwatch.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Choose your menu style

Exceptionally elastic touchscreen handling will allow you to move freely up, down, left and right. FW55 Aurum smartwatch contains two menu styles, including honeycomb and 9-icon styles.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Express yourself

Switch installed dials at will! Adjust graphics to mood, style, hobby or create a unique project, that will help you express yourself. Only your imagination limits you.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Personalize your smartwatch style

Set an image from your gallery as background and make checking time a pleasure.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Talk freely in every situation

Sync up to 30 phone contacts, answer calls and call your friends. One tap let's you connect with world without the need of reaching for a phone! Use your free hands and feel free during sports, drivings or cooking.

Call back
Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Find your rhythm

Remote music control function let's you dynamically change music or podcasts. Adjust sound to exercise speed, mood or situation.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Take good care of your body

Use analysis and raports generated to optimize trainings and improve shape! Upgrade workout plans and make implementing new targets reachable. Possibility of picking specific sport mode will let you achieve precise results and plan their improving.

run | walk | bike | skipping-rope | basketball | badminton | football

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Stay updated with results

Track your condition status! Advanced algorithm registers and analyzes burn calories and trainings and will help you stay in shape.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Have health under control

FW55 Smartwatch monitors your hearbeat, blood pressure and oxygenation. Monitoring precision will allow you to gain reliable results. You can analize your results in an intuitive app.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Take care of your heartbeat

Intelligent and precise detector monitors your heartbeat 24h/d, wherever you are and whatever you do. But it's advantages don't end here. Smartwatch will show you how to analize your results! Get to know it's abilities and enjoy health.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Control oxygen

Blood hypoxia may cause irreversible brain and neural system damage. Keep this parameter under control, even during sleep.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Measure blood pressure

FW55 Aurum Pro smartwatch is your personal pressure monitor and a notepad at once. Monitor blood pressure and read results directly on screen, and measurements history will be saved in the app.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Monitor sleep

Understand your sleep. Monitor lenght and effectiveness of resting - thanks to deep and shallow sleep analysis - and frequency of waking. Thanks to the app you will know your sleep history. It's a good way to eliminate the source of long, subconscious stress.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Use longer

6-10 days of work during intesive, everyday use and up to 30 days of standby! Everything thanks to low energy usage and high battery capacity. Travel at will! Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro smartwatch will accompany you for many days without need for charging.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Stay updated

Connecting to the app will allow the synchronization of smartwatch with phone in real time. Thanks to that you will not miss any important informations! Stay updated with apps notifications, news, alerts or calls from people, who may need you.

incoming call | message notification | activity reminder | alert reminder | remote shutter

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

and have world at reach!

Check Facebook, Twitter or Instagram news. Synchronized vibrating alert will let you know about news, and you will read everything without need for reaching for phone.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Don't limit yourself (IP67)

IP67 waterproof class meets the requirements of everyday life and sport in terms of water and dust proofness. Sweat or rain drops won't interrupt you while using smartwatch's functions.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Get ready

Check weather forecast at any moment and never be surprised! Get ready to travel or train outside without worries.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

Adjust the smartwatch to situation
- two straps included -

FW55 Aurum Pro smartwatch has two straps, that fit any situation, included. Silicon, soft strap highlights sport style of watch, and jewelry bracelet will be a perfect addition during business meetings or elegant diners.

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro

3 colors

Decide which color version fits you:

Maxcom FW55 Aurum Pro


  • Display: 1.7” HD
  • Resolution: 240×280 px
  • Battery: Li-ion 230 mAh
  • Pedometer
  • Heartbeat monitor
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Saturation monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Burnt calories counter
  • Sport modes
  • Weather
  • Social media notifications
  • Calls receiving and making
  • IP67
  • Music control
  • Full touch + one button operation
  • Activity reminder
  • Remote shutter
  • +100 watch faces
  • Dimensions: 255×38×10 mm
  • Strap width: 20 mm
  • Weight: 46g
  • App: DAFIT
Smartwatch FW55 Aurum PROMaxcom EAN5908235977102

299,00 zł

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Display size (") 1.7
Screen resolution (pix) 240×280
Weight (g) 46
Phone call answering Yes
Battery Li-ion 230 mAh
Monitor snu TAK
Monitor tętna Tak
Monitor ciśnienia krwi TAK
Tryby sportowe Tak
Push Service TAK
Krokomierz TAK
Ean 5908235977102

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Frequently asked questions

Make sure the number you are dialing is correct. If you make an international phone call, dial a country code before the actual number (e.g. 0049 or +49 for Germany).
Make sure the SIM Card is installed correctly.
The phone might be switched off. To switch it on, press the End Call key (red receiver) for about 3 seconds.If you have not used the phone for a long time, the battery might be “deeply-discharged”; to recover a deeply-discharged battery leave your charger
If the user is out of the country and ROAMING is enabled, the phone will automatically log in to the foreign telephone network. To learn more, contact your service provider.
If there is a message „Does not work” on the LED display, it means there is no signal or no funds available on the account. In such a case, making emergency calls to 112 will be possible if the user is within the network of any other provider.Places such
The keypad lock is enabled. To unlock the keypad press the Left Function Key, and then * (star).
It is the service provider’s center number storing all text messages. The number is stored on the SIM card, but you can change the number in the phone MENU and enter another number.
Fee for making a phone call is charged as soon as a phone call is made. To learn more about charging details, contact your service provider
Enable Delivery Report option. As soon as the text message is delivered to the recipient, you will get a return message (network service).
Aby znaleźć stacje automatycznie, należy po pierwszym uruchomieniu radia należy przytrzymać klawisz  „ >||/ „ (  PLAY/PAUSE/CALL ). Urządzenie przez ok 30 sekund będzie wyszukiwało i zapamiętywało stacje. Po wykonaniu tej czynności będzie dopiero możn