Maxcom at IFA 2018

Development on foreign markets is one of our company's sales strategies. Foreign sales develops everywhere where Maxcom is already present, and accelerates there, where at the turn of 2017-2018, its own sales and marketing forces were employed.

For the fourth time Maxcom presented its flagship solutions and the latest products at the largest telecommunications industry exhibitions for European customers - IFA Berlin.

We invite you to a short photo report from the aforementioned fairs and at the same time to learn about new products that will soon appear on sale.

Maxcom MS459 Harmony - x access to the phone's functions from a computer or other device at any time and place. Intuitive software adapted to people with worse hearing, poor eyesight and poor fingertip motility. The model is equipped with a multi-function Help button, which in the event of an accident sends emergency messages along with the location or calls the indicated number.
Maxcom MK241 and Maxcom MK281 - classic phones with 4G and VoWiFi and VoLTE connectivity, with KaiOS software and smartphone functions, including access to Facebook, Google Maps and games,
Maxcom MS571 - a rugged smartphone designed for people working in difficult conditions and practicing extreme sports,
Comfort and Classic phones, among them the Maxcom MM751 model, combining a modern look with options that are helpful to seniors,
smartwatches, smartband and enhanced Bluetooth speakers.

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