Maxton Erebus


Maxton Erebus


Speaker Maxton Erebus

If you like to listen to your music in high quality, then Maxton Erebus it's just for you. Thanks to TF card support, you can play thousands tracks without using your smartphone's battery. The ability to receive calls and a built-in high-quality microphone will let you free your hands from phone.

  • Głośnik bezprzewodowy

    Wireless speaker

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    Wireless speaker 45mm 2ohm
    Power 5W
    Bluetooth range up to 10m

  • Funkcje telefoniczne


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    Call pickup function

  • Parametry audio


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    Frequency response 80 - 20000 Hz
    Distortion <

  • Bateria

    and response

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    Battery Li-on 1400mAh
    Avg. Operating time 12h (70% of volume)
    Charging time: 2-3h

  • Wejścia wyjścia


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    Input USB/micro USB (charging)
    Aux-in Audio - 3.5 mm
    Slot for microSD

  • Zwieszka


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    Elastic hanger to hang your speaker


Erebus RWD

  • Aux-in jack 3,5mm
  • Support for microSD: TF, MP3, WMA WAV
  • Phone holder

  • Calls answering
  • Bluetooth
  • What you find

    in the box?

    • Speaker

    • Audio cable 3.5mm

    • USB/microSB chargin cable

    • Manual

    • Warranty

    Maxton Erebus

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    Power 5W
    Bluetooth range up to 10m
    Bluetooth Yes
    Phone call answering Yes
    Hands-free calls Yes
    Aux-in 3,5mm Yes
    Sensivity 80dB
    S/N ratio ≥80dB
    Distortion 3%
    Frequency response 80-20000Hz
    Support TF card, MP3, WMA WAV
    Weight 261g
    Battery Li-on 1400mAh
    Charging time 2-3h
    Avg. Operating time 12H (with 70% of power)
    CSR chipset Yes
    Smart noise cancellation technology mic Yes
    Input 5V, 1000mAh
    Aluminium body Yes

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    Frequently asked questions

    Make sure the number you are dialing is correct. If you make an international phone call, dial a country code before the actual number (e.g. 0049 or +49 for Germany).
    Make sure the SIM Card is installed correctly.
    The phone might be switched off. To switch it on, press the End Call key (red receiver) for about 3 seconds.If you have not used the phone for a long time, the battery might be “deeply-discharged”; to recover a deeply-discharged battery leave your charger
    If the user is out of the country and ROAMING is enabled, the phone will automatically log in to the foreign telephone network. To learn more, contact your service provider.
    If there is a message „Does not work” on the LED display, it means there is no signal or no funds available on the account. In such a case, making emergency calls to 112 will be possible if the user is within the network of any other provider.Places such
    The keypad lock is enabled. To unlock the keypad press the Left Function Key, and then * (star).
    It is the service provider’s center number storing all text messages. The number is stored on the SIM card, but you can change the number in the phone MENU and enter another number.
    Fee for making a phone call is charged as soon as a phone call is made. To learn more about charging details, contact your service provider
    Enable Delivery Report option. As soon as the text message is delivered to the recipient, you will get a return message (network service).
    Aby znaleźć stacje automatycznie, należy po pierwszym uruchomieniu radia należy przytrzymać klawisz  „ >||/ „ (  PLAY/PAUSE/CALL ). Urządzenie przez ok 30 sekund będzie wyszukiwało i zapamiętywało stacje. Po wykonaniu tej czynności będzie dopiero możn


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